5 Reasons to Hire a Hoarding Cleanup Service

If you or a loved one is a hoarder you may have considered seeking cleanup services. Keep reading for 5 reasons to hire a hoarding cleanup service.


Did you know that hoarding affects five to 14 million people in the United States? 

Hoarders aren't collectors. Hoarders have a mental illness that compels them to collect and keep items. Usually, these items have no real monetary value. 

A hoarder's home can also be extremely dangerous. Mold and other toxins thrive in a hoarded home. A hoard is also an extreme fire hazard.  

Let's look at five ways a hoarding cleanup team can help. 

1. They Treat the Problem With Compassion

Treating a hoard requires more than removing items from the home. Hoarders are very possessive of their things. Even a stranger touching their items can cause severe anxiety. 

In a hoarder's home, the goal is to remove hazardous materials and worthless items. But we also want to ensure the hoarder isn't overwhelmed. 

By treating the hoarder with compassion we help them understand the cleanup process. This compassion also extends to the hoarder's family and friends.

2. Hoarding Cleanup Teams Are Professionally Trained

Hoards often contain hazardous materials. Dead animals, urine, feces, and toxic mold are often found in a hoarded home. Handling this gross filth cleanup requires professional training to avoid illness and injury. 

Our team wears safety gear to reduce exposure. They're able to identify hazardous materials and remove them in a safe manner. It's generally not safe for untrained people to tackle this on their own.

3. Cleanup Teams Are More Effective Than Family

If you have a hoarder in your family you know how difficult they are to work with. Their illness convinces them nothing's wrong. They don't see their hoard as the safety risk it is. 

Hoarders almost always refuse help from family. A hoarding cleanup team isn't emotionally involved. They're able to focus on clearing the hoard while the family can focus on emotional support. 

4. Professional Cleaners Have the Right Tools for the Job

Some hoards are so large even well-meaning family members don't know how to tackle the problem. 

Clearing a hoarder's home requires an array of tools and services. Hoarding cleanup professionals use dumpsters and other tools to help them work effectively.

The team may also work with structural engineers and exterminators to ensure the home is safe. 

5. Hoarding Cleanup Teams Can Help Prevent Further Damage 

If you're a landlord and your tenant is a hoarder your property may already show severe damage. The sheer weight of a hoard can collapse floors. Rodents can chew through wiring resulting in expensive electrical repairs. 

By removing the hoarded items the house is clear for a full damage inspection. Then engineers and contractors can make an assessment and create a plan for repairs. 

Do You Need Hoarding Cleanup Help? 

Tackling a hoard is a difficult and emotional job. Hoarding has the potential to fracture families and create extreme emotional distress. 


Do you need help from a hoarding cleanup team? Learn more about how our professional services can save your home and help hoarders lead better safer lives.