5 Signs It Is Time to Consider Hiring Hoarding Cleanup Services


Hoarding behaviors are usually triggered by a traumatic event in a person's life. Approximately 5 million people in the United States suffer from a hoarding disorder.


It is essential to seek help when hoarding impedes day-to-day life. Or when cleanup is necessary to keep a home from being a danger to your health.

Here are five signs it might be time to look into hiring hoarding cleanup services.

1. No Longer Being Allowed Into the Home

Hoarding is a mental health issue that often goes hand-in-hand with social isolation. One sign that hoarding behaviors are increasing is that a person will resist allowing people they trust into their home. 

Looking for changes in someone's behavior and noticing when isolation increases may help determine when to step in and notify someone they need help.

2. Someone Has an Unusually Hard Time Letting Go of Belongings

People who struggle with hoarding behaviors tend to be indecisive. Because of this, they have a hard time getting rid of possessions. As these items stack up, they eventually feel so overwhelmed that a hoarder cleanup service is needed.

3. Someone's Health May Be Affected

Depending on the type of belongings saved by a hoarder and how long the hoarding behavior continues, things like mold or other toxins can begin to accumulate in a home. 

At times, homeowners may need help with things like rodent feces cleanup or urine cleanup. A request can be made for a hoarder cleanup service cost estimate for any of these services. Professional hoarder cleanup services have dealt with all these issues and can help you determine how to handle each situation best.

4. The Amount of Room to Live in Is No Longer Suitable

If you enter a home where hoarding is an issue and notice the amount of liveable space is not suitable for that homeowner, it may be time to call for professional help. 

Because decision-making is difficult for those struggling with hoarding issues, a professional therapist is often necessary to teach new skills and develop new habits.

5. Hoarding Has Taken Over Someone's Life

If you visit someone who struggles with hoarding, the fact that they allowed you in could be a plea for help. You can find mental health professionals who specialize in helping hoarders at IOCDF.org.

You can also help them with a referral for hoarder cleanup to get them started toward a better living environment. A hoarder cleanup service can help begin clearing their space while they begin the process of the internal work it will take to keep their home tidy.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Hoarding Cleanup Services?

If you believe there may be a hoarder in your life, look for the signs above to give you an idea of when it may be time to call for professional help.

If you believe someone's health is being impacted, it would be wise to look into hoarder cleanup cost. This will ensure you are ready when you have the homeowner's agreement.

If you are ready for an estimate for hoarding cleanup services, contact us today.